eMail Marketing as a Service - eMaaS

eMaaS increases the effectiveness of the inside sales team by supplying fresh new warm and hot leads on a daily basis directly into your Salesforce leads tab. eMaaS greatly increases pipeline activity as it reduces the need for cold calling. We use proven eMail marketing techniques to seek and find people interested in your products and services. By identifying and lead scoring high valued leads and routing them to sales based on predefined business rules and KPIs we can increase productivity for your inside sales team as they focus on warm and hot leads.

The diagram shows the high level eMaaS workflow from target criteria to closing. More details are provided in the following pages.

Business Objective

CloudPro deploys eMaaS in Support of your growth objectives. Our business analysts study your sales statistics and customer success stories and makes recommendations for the deployment :

  • Target Territories, Industries and Job Titles, List Generation.
  • Digital Messaging Strategy; eMail Message design, Content Templates.
  • Website Content; case studies / success stories by industry, ROI tools, promotional product and customer videos, industry reports and news, Regulatory Issues.
  • eMail Campaign Management, Content Management, List Management
  • Automated Feed into Salesforce; Campaign Statistics, Warm and Hot Leads
  • Analysis of Trends, Buzz Monitoring

Prep for Success - conduct a discovery process

CloudPro would like to meet with Business Leaders and SMEs in your company to discuss the kick-off and complete the following tasks :

  • Define the Project, Roles and Responsibilities, Schedule
  • Define Success Criteria
  • Identify and Segment Target Customers
  • Define Marketing Messaging
  • Website Enhancements

VOICERA® - for Customer Acquisition

Customers may extend eMaaS by upgrading to CloudPro's VOICERA® for Customer Acquisition. VOICERA® is a unique product and services offering for Salesforce the World’s Leading CRM platform. CloudPro will provide eMail Campaign Management, Lead Generations services, and Salesforce Tools.

When combined with eMaaS VOICERA® provides the following features :

  • eMail Campaign Management for Brand Awareness
  • Live Agent Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Optimized Telemarketing Efficiency Tools
  • Real-Time Executive Dashboard and Reporting

Project Definition

Identify and Segment Target Customers

Identify and Segment Target Customers Information provided by the Company. This information is used to establish criteria for potential customer base and search for raw targets data collection for eMail Campaigns. Required information :
  • Target States by priority
  • Target Industry(s) by priority
  • Company Size: Revenue, Employees
  • Target Management Titles by priority

Raw List to Leads

eMaaS - Quickly finding the high probability prospects among thousands of targets From Target Customer criteria CloudPro will research and develop raw lists. Raw lists include :
  • Company Info: company name, address, website
  • Target Contacts: names, titles, telephone, email
  • CloudPro will set-up the eMail Engine with lists
  • CloudPro will Scrub the raw list, send eMail EDM0 (scrub email), identify bounces and opt-outs, strip from campaign list
  • Establish Clean List for eMail Campaigning

Define Marketing Messaging

Define Marketing Messaging Target messaging, eMail subject lines, actionable links provided by your Company. CloudPro will consult with the Company on best practices for the design and content of the eMail EDMs (eMail Direct Marketing). CloudPro will produce the EDMs, the Company will approve. The Company and CloudPro will:
  • Produce 3 to 5 unique messages and 5 different titles in the email engine
  • Identify and embed Action Links inside the EDMs
  • Document eMail campaign sequencing strategy
Website Enhancements

Your Company is responsible for developing the messaging and content for the website that matches the campaign styles. The Company is responsible for changes to the website. Alternatively, the Company may hire CloudPro to make website changes. CloudPro will deploy Google Analytics to monitor web traffic generated by eMaaS and report summary statistics in Salesforce. Be advised that website enhancements are not necessary to launch campaigns but these enhancements will improve awareness with the prospect.

Requirements :

  • Create Landing Page(s)
  • Create Downloadable Content
  • Create New Web Content
  • Deploy Google Analytics

eMail Campaigning

  • Using the eMail Engine launch Clean Raw List
  • Send eMail EDM1 as Introduction
  • Identify Did Not Opens (DNOs), tag, change title, queue to next launch
  • Identify and Score Unique Opens and Click Throughs as Warm and Hot Leads
  • Sequence Emails with different titles DNOs for re-launch
  • Continue Loop sequencing
  • Provide weekly reporting through Salesforce
Load Warm and Hot Leads into Salesforce
Load Warm Hot Leads emaas - increases conversation ratio

Tag and Load Warm and Hot Leads :

  • Score and Prioritize Leads
  • Upload Unique Opens and Click Throughs to Salesforce as Leads
  • Identify Lead Source from eMail Campaigns

Capture and Store Context :

  • eMail response title, eMail content, date and time
  • Click Through Links, which links through the eMail Engine and/or Google Analytics
  • Download Content, what content was accessed
Priority Targets
  • Route High Priority Targets based on Business Rules
  • Present all available context to sales representative
  • Focused Sales Resources on high potential leads
  • Provide continuous stream of new leads on a daily bases
Dashboards and Reports
    You can track progress is your Salesforce Dashboards and Reports
  • Lead Generation; number of Warm, Hot leads generated with Interest Context
  • Summary of the number of eMails Sent and Disposition Statistics
  • Next Campaign Schedule
Resource Requirements

From CloudPro

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Data Sourcing and Data Management
  • eMail Engine Administration and Reporting
  • Salesforce Administration and Reporting

From Your Company

  • Business Leader SME for Market Messaging
    and EDMs, Target Criteria
  • IT Website Administration for Landing
    Page and Web Content