End User Adoption & Custom Training

eLearning Solutions & Services

CloudPro, together with your Subject Matter Experts (SME's), will collaborate to develop a customized e-Learning program specific to your Salesforce implementation. The objective of the program is to ensure end user adoption and use proficiency. We will create a custom eLearning program delivering services to author, manage, deliver and assess the end user learning experience. Our eLearning programs are part of our continuous process improvement model. The programs are updated with each new release of your implementation. We also offer specialized services for eLearning that include:

Design and Storyboarding

Our graphics team and instructional designers provide services that range from conceptualizing graphical design to storyboarding. SME's work with our team to develop rich interactive content and create effective learning modules.

Development of Reusable Learning Objects

Our technology experts specialize in development of intelligent, reusable learning objects that can be aggregated, personalized and delivered via standard content delivery platforms (LMS).

Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Our systems allow creation of learning experiences by reusing existing learning objects in the library, creating new learning objects, or using a combination of old and new objects.

Content Delivery

We can deliver instructional training in a variety of ways as the LAN, intranet, web and CD-ROM. The quality and integrity of the learning experience is preserved, regardless of the delivery platform.

Key Features Include:

  • Open, interoperable architecture
  • Multiple delivery platforms; web, intranet, local area network and CD-ROM's
  • Multimedia based training
  • Simulation based examinations
  • Objective based questions
  • Integration with SCORM and AICC compliant learning management systems
  • Scheduling, delivering, tracking and reporting the progress of learners
  • Reusable content repository