Green Screen to Green Field

Business Process Transformation

CloudPro can change your entire business process by moving your legacy data to the cloud and building new applications based on the sales and service platform.

Migration of your legacy data requires an understanding of how Salesforce manages relationships between data objects. Through CloudPro's experience with data relationship management and our history integrating legacy data with CRM and in the Call Center we have developed an outstanding data migration practice. CloudPro can migrate your data quickly, safely, and securely.

Nearly every implementation requires some form of data migration and many require continuous exchange of data; real-time or batch. If you're considering replacing your green screen legacy applications, or have a simple import like email contacts, or you need a dynamic full-scale exchange from multiple systems CloudPro and help.

Our methodology for data migration and integrations is always the same. A Technical Account Manager will be assigned to understand your business and technical requirements. Based on the design of your Salesforce deployment our experts will determine what data needs to be exchanged and the best process for migration. Before we start a full back-up is conducted. We will sample the data to define duplicates and bad data before and if necessary perform data clean-up and filters before establishing the data connections and importing and/or exchanging data. A small sample test migration will be performed. We will then run the full load migration followed by testing and verification of accurate and complete transfer of your data into Salesforce.