Key Success Factors when Implementing Salesforce

Every Salesforce cloud implementation is as different as you are from your competition. Your Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud business processes, management requirements, and back-end data interfaces are unique to your business model. Salesforce provides an outstanding platform for you to build upon but itís up to you to make it yours to customize it to maximize it s effectiveness. CloudPro was founded with the principal of delivering Salesforce customizations on-time and with budget. CloudProís certified implementations specialists understand that there are three critical success factors in every Salesforce implementation:

  1. User Adoption -- This is the single most important eliment in your Salesforce implmentation. If your users believe and have confidence that the system is going to help them to their job better your project will be successfull. CloudPro will dedicate a great deal of time with design involving users in the process. Our eLearing program helps users at all levels become proficient and satisfied users of your Salesforce system.
  2. Integration -- We all know what a waste of time it is to duplicate data into multiple unconnected systems. Itís frustrating and the process tends to produce bad data. Your Salesforce deployment will likely integrate with other business applications and back-office data. Done properly you will reduce the data entry burden and streamline business processes as data is distribute systematically. Integration, although transparent to the user, must be a positive experience for the user saving time and increasing productivity. Time spent on integration is another critical success factor.
  3. Constant Release Schedule. CloudPro believes in a continuous process improvement model. After the Quick Start we will establish a continuous feedback loop with users, management, and technical staff. New features and changes requirements will be prioritized and scheduled. Our development Methodology is based upon the Agile development principals that have been adapted to and strengths. A monthly or a quarterly release schedule is often appropriate.