Speech Analytics

Status Quo in Contact Centers

Contact Center Managers are too busy to follow the latest technology trends and Customer Service Representatives are too busy training for their jobs to track new technologies and tools. Therefore, most organizations rely on vendors to provide new and innovative solutions. This works fine as long as there is a vendor agnostic approach to solve this problem. However, contact center technology stack is dominated by a dozen vendors who provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Customer Telephony Interface (CTI), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Speech Recognition Systems. Outside of telephony, there are additional vendors providing ERP systems, Order entry, Web chat, and several other home grown desktop applications. Unfortunately, most of these vendors for historic reasons have their data stored in their proprietary and native built databases. Contact center managers are left to grapple with this data relating to low level logs, transactions and interactions in distinctly different data storage servers.

How Big Data and Speech Analytics can help contact centers?

Interestingly, in other parts of the same Company, where IoT applications are emerging, there are technology platforms deployed and analytic tools using Big Data. It’s a big contrast. These big data technologies are derived from the work of open sourced organization such as Apache technologies are applicable to contact centers as well.

We can analyze the historical data as well as ingest data in real time from as many as a dozen key systems that gather day to day customer interactions. Using accelerators, we can quickly ingest daily in real time to a single place called the “Customer Data Lake” and truly trace the customer journey and analyze customer behavior in ways we could not do in earlier days.

There are tools available to do data analysis and provide visualization techniques that support structure and unstructured data. Therefore, organizations of any size and budget can gain dramatic insights into customer behavior. All this at a reasonable price point that can fit a typical contact center budget. Customer journey analytics can elevate contact centers from a cost center to a profit center based on some of these revenue generation activities.