Staffing for Continuous Process Improvement

If your company is evaluating how to maintain and/or enhance your Salesforce CRM system but not sure if you should use in-house resources, hire new, or contract for services, there are a few things to consider.

But before discussing the resourcing options it is necessary to understand that your Salesforce deployment must be a living system that directs your business processes. You should be committed to a methodology for continuous process improvements through innovation. According to a publication from Forbes " The World's Most Innovative Companies " is the most innovated company in the world today providing the foundation to support your business model for sales, marketing, partner management, and customer support but it is up to you to use Salesforce to enhance and control the business process. In order to make Salesforce work for you it requires a commitment to maintain and enhance the system on an annual basis with new features, controls, and reporting.

The commitment to maintain and enhance the system requires the attention of business leaders and technical staffing for administration and development. There are a few options to consider when staffing for Salesforce:

  • EXISTING EMPLOYEE - use an existing employee and training them up
  • NEW HIRE - hire a certified experienced resource.
  • SALESFORCE PREMIER SUPPORT WITH ADMINISTRATION - available with the Unlimited Edition for an annual fee.
  • INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTOR - a freelance individual contractor.
  • TECHNICAL ACCOUNT MANAGER AND TEAM - an assigned team lead by the TAM dedicated to your Success.

The table below is intended to provide a summary of the pros and cons of the various staffing options above.

Existing Employee
Low Cost & Value
New Hire,
High Cost & Medium Value
Salesforce Premier Support w/ Admin
Medium Cost & Value
Individual Contractor
Variable Cost, Hit or Miss
Technical Account Manager and Team
Medium Cost & Highest Value
Annual Cost:$40,000 (part-time resource at 50% of $80K salary).
Pros: No new perceived cost. CFO is happy.
Cons: Existing employee will likely lack;
  • Focus because of spilt duties (old and new)
  • The appropriate experience & leadership
  • Certifications
  • Time to acquire skills
  • Leadership to drive end user adoption
  • Ability to integrate and maximize the technology
Annual Cost: $80K salary for an Administrator.
Pros: Single dedicated resource, available.
Cons: Full-time Admin;
  • Highest cost option
  • Limited skill set
  • Not a Certified Developer or Consultant
  • You may not need a full-time resource
  • You will likely have to contract for additional skills.
Annual Cost: 25% of your license cost
Pros: Pretty good phone support.
Cons: Remote Admin;
  • Not a designated resource who knows your business and details of your specific implementation
  • Remote support only. No on-site ability.
  • Many services fall outside of the contracted boundaries, requires extra cost
  • You are expected to fill the role of project manager
  • Rarely receive any type of consultative
  • No integration or custom development through use of Premier Support with Admin.
Annual Cost: $12,000 to $200,000 (cost varies).
Pros: Flexible to hire and fire as needed.
Cons: Individual Contractor;
  • As much work as finding a new hire
  • High risk, hit or miss
  • Requires considerable management overhead, time, and supervision
  • May lack focus due to workload
  • Usually not full-time dedicated, subject to attrition
  • Prompt service likely not available if otherwise engaged
  • You may be forced to re-contract setting up design conflict, project delays, cost over-runs, and lost confidence within your user community
Annual Cost: Monthly fixed fee, fixed number of hours.
Pros: Get a full team for less than one employee.
  • Get a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who provides on-site leadership, process engineering, business case development, team and project management, is responsible for user adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Get an assigned team of certified professionals who know your implementation & vision, includes certified Administrators, Developers, System Integrators, DBA's, Web Developers, etc.
Cons: Requires you to;
  • Provide executive support and vision of the business process
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts from the Business
  • Provide IT support for data integration
In Summary

Over the years it has been proven there is no single approach that fits every customer. Every situation is unique. CloudPro will design our engagement with you based on your specific needs. You may benefit from the leadership and drive of having a Technical Account Manager assigned to your implementation and aligned with your annual business and technical goals. Or it may simply be a call for support on-demand when needed. Whatever the case may be CloudPro will deliver the very best and the greatest value.